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 Grammar Chart - tenses in english 
 Active/Passive Forms 
 Articles: a, an, the 
 Passive tenses 
 Principal parts of verbs  
 Sentence Fragments 
 To do vs. to make 
 Types of Verbs  
 Countable/Uncountable Nouns 
 Forming the Perfect Tenses 
 Both, Either, Neither, Nor and
 Sentence Variety 
 Transitive and Intransitive
 Modals Chart 
 Parts of Speech 
 Future Tense 
 Present continuous form 
 Simple Present 
 Infinitives and Gerunds 
 Can/Be Able to 
 Capital Letters 
 Yes/No Questions 
 Future Perfect Tense 
 Past Continuous
 Must/Have to 
 Adjective vs. Adverb
 Active and Passive Voice 
 Position of Adjectives 
 Conditional Sentences

 Past Perfect Tense
 Present Perfect Tense 
 Future Continuous Tense
 Past Tense  
 Simple Present Tense 
 Future Continuous 
 Future Perfect  
 Future Perfect Continuous 
 Past Continuous
 Past Perfect Continuous 
 Prepositions of Direction
 Prepositions of Place:
 Prepositions of Location  
 Too Vs. Either 
  Used to Using Before, After 
  Using too, very, and so Wish
  Would Always Pronouns

greetings (selamlaşmalar)

introductions  (tanıştırmalar)

 food and drink (yiyecek-içecek)

 making   friends (arkadaşlık kurma)       

shopping  (alışveriş)

travel  (seyahat)

  accommodation  (konaklama)

education  (eğitim)

health  (sağlık)

  ►money  (para meseleleri)

  ►business   (iş meseleleri)

  ►on the   telephone  (telefon   konuşmaları)

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